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Proud that Biodal was the first vitamin D to be introduced in Jordan. We dedicated our efforts for many years to improving the health of middle eastern families with various doses that meet their diverse needs and will make sure to always be your first choice!

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Biodal® (vitamin D3) comes in a range of doses from 1,000 to 50,000 IU, as well as drops for children.

The various strengths and dosage forms of Biodal® (vitamin D3) are categorized as either supplemental or maintenance therapy products, or otherwise as prescription products.

Vitamin d3 Biodal Products

Biodal CHEWS:

Biodal Chews is a fruity chewable supplement rich in vitamin D for children. that gives the children treatment and prevention of vitamin D deficiency. It is super easy to take with a fruity taste.

Suitable for kids from 3 years old.

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Biodal Chews

Why is it recommended to give
your child vitamin D?

Biodal Website 08 It helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorous from food.

Biodal Website 09 It’s an important element for building strong bones and for healthier skeletal system growth.

Biodal Website 10 It contributes to healthy muscle growth & supports normal muscle function.

Biodal Website 11 It is necessary for the health and growth of the brain and nerves.

Biodal Website 12 It enhances the performance of the immune system.

Biodal Chews for Children

Why Biodal Chews?

Biodal Health improvement

Cure and prevention of vitamin D deficiency

Biodal and fruit

Tutti Frutti flavour

Biodal for children

Convenience and easy intake, accurate dose with no need for drops

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Biodal CHEWS

A fruity chewable supplement rich in Vitamin D for children, that give the children treatment and prevention of vitamin D deficiency, easy to take with a fruity taste.

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